We have over 45 years combined experience in repairing Television and Audio-Visual equipment and computers. We believe in treating our customers as we treat our best friends-in a fair and honest way. A lot of our customers have been with us for many years and have become good friends!

    We believe that when your TV has problems it is better to repair it than to trash it. It generally costs less to repair a unit than replace it. Older equipment is made better than newer equipment and lasts longer due to better quality of workmanship. And last but certainly not least it is better for our environment.

    We are experts in the service, repair and installation of consumer electronics and computer repair. We have repaired all brands from Admiral-Zenith and know the failings of them. We repair both Mac and PC computers - tower or laptop.

    Our service area includes most of Yavapai County Arizona within a 50 mile radius of Prescott, AZ.

    Give us a call today and you will get prompt service and reasonable rates. We will not lie to you or string you along. We are here to make your life easier by giving the best service possible!

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